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             Tulip, who was a plump, Brobdingnagian bird the size of a refrigerator, startled awake, curiously gazing at the interesting scene unfold before its very eyes.

         "I see it! There it is!" exclaimed a shadowy figure concealed in the darkness.

          "The Crystal of Life is here! We've finally found it!" shouted a woman with dark green glasses, who's position, was right beside the other person.

         "NO! THOSE AREN'T FOR YOU!" A low, angry, terrifying voice boomed suddenly.

       The couple pretended nothing had happened at all, still admiring the crystal.

        "Oh, just look at the sight of it! Such a pity, a crystal like this would be stolen... but of course, we've waited a long time for our revenge, and now we finally can take over!" The woman smiled wickedly, adjusting her dark glasses.

        "How beautiful....." he replied, delicately poking against the glass of the crystal. The magic inside it was released and their only escape route, the hole of the cave, smashed onto the ground with a loud thud. The couple was now trapped inside.

       "You will be here for eternity, or give up!" The low voice came again. This time it sounded like a trade rather than a command.

      "Now what do we do?" The woman asked, awfully frightened by the noise and the shut of the cave.

      "Let's get the crystal first. We didn't come here for nothing!" The man answered, his smile faltering slightly. They began pulling hard on the crystal, but it didn't budge. The man took out a sharp knife and started cutting against the crystal.

       "This will take care of it! We only want a small part!" He said.

       The cave became mysteriously silent, as if concentrating on only the figure. He then banged the blade against the crystal, but nothing happened. Instead, his knife broke into tiny puzzle pieces right on impact.

         "We'll be stuck in here forever!" The woman cried, her eyes widening and her mouth twisting into an ugly frown.

         "Don't worry; I still have my cell phone." The man assured the woman, looking perfectly calm. He took out his phone and dialed 911, adjusting it against his ear. Unfortunately, he then was zapped by electricity and was stunned by it. He collapsed onto the ground and the woman's last hope had disappeared.

         As the women was sobbing somberly and screaming with anger and desperation, Tulip's two eyes, deep into the cave, glowed with satisfaction. There was a great shriek of terror, a crunch of human bone, a roar of mightiness, and only silence left.


            The birds peeped happily and the sun glowered across the landscape. Lymphical strolled down the path, admiring the chirping birds, towering trees, and wildlife. He gazed at the blazing sun rising in the east. The vibrant colors of bright orange and pumpkin yellow began to rise. Rays of light brushed Lymphical's skin gently. A soft breeze rustled the leaves of a tall redwood tree. Colorful leaves fell from the trees. Bright colors from yellow to brown littered the magnificent path. Refreshing air blew past his face.

           Suddenly, the sky began to darken. Slowly, the sun faded away. Silence and darkness enveloped the space around Lymphical. The chirping stopped, and the wind began to blow. Leaves smashed into Lymphical's face, and dust blinded his eyes. He turned and hobbled the other direction. Gloomy thunder clouds appeared above my head. Within seconds, the first drops of gentle rain fell. Within minutes, the drizzling changes to a BOOM and a BAM! The thunder roared, hitting the ground, lightning flashed, electrocuting the world and ceasing in front of the darkening sky.

              The tempestuous rain was pounding hard against the poor innocent people of Portulaca Land. It wasn't even cats and dogs. In fact, if you really wanted to know, the phrase we should use is "Raining Elephants and Killer Whales"! Anybody who was still outside would be entirely soaked in the blur of splashing puddles.

Everyone was streaking speedily into their homes, or if they were already inside a shelter, they hid deeper and tried to ignore the thunder and wind thrashing around their land, bullying the buildings.

          By the time Lymphical got to his house, he was so drenched that it looked like he had fell into the ocean and nearly drowned, although he ran his fastest.

He creaked opened his door with great difficulty and slammed it shut slowly.

He pulled himself onto his sofa, lamenting: "Oh, how dirty and wet I am! Maybe going outside wasn't such a good idea after all."

Just as Lymphical began to feel a little better, his naughty cousin, Franklin, suddenly bounced over to him and shouted: "BOO!" at the top of his lungs, right in Lymphical's face.

            Lymphical wasn't expecting his cousin to be home this early, and this surprised him so much; he jumped out of his seat and slammed his face into the ceiling.

            "Ouch! That hurt a lot!" He groaned, rubbing his head. A letter flew in from the window, and it opened itself, allowing a piece of paper inside flutter out of the envelope and into Lymphical's hands.

          Inside was scrawled, in big, messy letters: "Save me! I am kidnapped by an evil villain!"

          "What is this?" Lymphical asked to himself, not sure how to react.

           Just then, the door opened, and a flagrant fire came in, saying: "Oh, I can help you on your trip there. I know a short cut." but Lymphical's reaction was as if the fire was malevolent, because the fire's expression looked very harsh and was burning all of his sofas and walls. Lymphical became furious and started jumping around and around on the mats and his floor to stop the fire. Finally, the fire went down as fast as it came and he calmed down.
      "Ok, what just happened?" He said, trying to comprehend the situation. "Is this a prank? I do not like this at all! Stop this at once!"

Just when he said that, his cousin suddenly disappeared. Lymphical was very scared. Even though he abhorred his naughty cousin, he was still very worried. When he was pondering over whether to ask the fire or not, a voice, slithering like a snake, filled the air.

           It said ghastly: "Get there..... Or else your cousin... and the princess.... shall be dead! I dare you!"

            Lymphical sat there for a long time, open mouthed. He was overcome by the events that just happened. Then, he finally puffed his cheeks up with air and blew the air out. "W-where is my cousin? And w-who are you?" he asked, shuddering from the creepiness and emptiness of Franklin's disappearance.

          "Let me explain. There’s this villain who kidnaps people randomly for fun, and he wants to see who is brave enough to save the princess." the fire said.
          "No! I have nothing! I am not going!" Lymphical shook his head.

          "Come on! Don't you like an adventure? My former owner made me with magic, so I could come in without harm!"

           "All right, let's go!" Lymphical said reluctantly, too tired to give in.

          "It’s still raining. I’m no longer magical!" the fire said, pointing his red fingers to the window. The rain was splattering against it so hard that you could have thought it was hail or rocks bounding at the window. 

         "No worries, my friend. I have an umbrella in my closet!" saying this, he walked over to his elegant small closet, right beside his TV and sitting on a mat. He looked over all the stuff in there. There were nickels, and candy, and pizza from last dinner, and even his little horse toy from Gorgy State. He searched and searched frantically, but he couldn't find the umbrella.

       "It’s too messy in here!" he finally said after half an hour of searching his poorly decorated closet.
       "All because of me, you will get there later. Maybe they'd be saved now if you just went there right now." The fire signed.

         "Don’t blame it on yourself. It’s ok." Lymphical told the fire. The fire then looked at something and gasped, going upstairs.

         "What's wrong?" Lymphical asked, following the fire, not noticing the water slowly mousing in. "Have I angered you? I am terribly sorry if I had done that."

          "No!" The fire shook his head. "It's not that! It's the water! It's flooding your house!"

           "That is such nonsense. I know the rain is big, but it's not big enough to flood this house. It's the highest point on land!" Lymphical said matter-of-factly, looking out of the window to make sure. "Yikes! You are right! It's coming up the porch and into the..." And he realized that the rain was much bigger than he thought.

        He looked back down the staircase, finding his legs tingling. The water was already at his knees! Lymphical found it strange that his feet were no longer tired. Splash! Splash! The water went as he stepped. Wow, I wonder how high this flood will be. He thought. The fire jumped across the final stairs that lead to the attic.

        "Finally, I'm safe!" It commented. "I will never be harmed up here!"

         "Actually, you will be harmed. Based on this rate, the flood will reach here in 10 minutes' time. It is raining so hard, I hope it doesn’t rain for 40 days and 40 nights.” Lymphical observed.

        "How do we get away from the horrible water?" The fire asked.

        "I know! I have a boat in my harbor. It will float, logically, and based on the wind movements, the boat will arrive here in 7 minutes. We can climb up to the roof top!" Lymphical said.

       "Wow, you know a lot!" The fire said.

       "Of course I do! I'm a scientist." Lymphical bragged proudly.

The fire then started to grab the rope that lead to the top.

        "No!" Lymphical shouted. But it was too late. The rope was kindled, so fast it was a magnet attracting metal, and it was gone, as if by magic. The fire looked down at the marble floor.

       "I'm so sorry! What do we do now?" The fire questioned.

          "I have a ladder. We can use it. The only problem is that it's downstairs." Lymphical said.

         "I can't possibly go there. Please retrieve it! I don't want to die!" The fire begged, almost crying.

         "Alright, alright, I will get the ladder for you." Lymphical grudgingly gave in.

He then walked back down the stairs, finding the water already at the first step. He wade into the water until it was neck high, then he dived down.

       The cold instantly zapped Lymphical awake, sending his eyes flying open. Luckily, Lymphical stood up in time, and fumbled in his pocket for something.

Lymphical frowned. There were only two pieces of circular glass and a rubber.  Suddenly, a light bulb went Bing up on his head. Aha! I can invent a goggle with these tools!  Carefully measuring the distance between his eyes, he tied the rubber to the pieces of glass. Examining his new invention proudly, he put it on.

         "I'll call it the Emergency Goggle." He said. He took a big breath, and swam back down into the cold rain water. He used big strokes, going as fast as he could, for time was running out, and oxygen was also running out of Lymphical's lungs.

Now, where could I have put that ladder? Lymphical asked to himself, swimming from the living room to the kitchen. The water was smooth and calm.

Your pain will all be healed. Stay here, yes, stay here! The water seemed to say. Oh, how much he wanted to follow the water's command!

          No, I must get the ladder to save the fire and myself. He reminded to himself. Just then, he saw a glint of metal in his garage. He went inside, finding the light still open.

He squinted, barely able to make out what was what. He recognized the ladder he had used many times. He picked it up, but it was much harder to do that, considering he was under water. He swam back using all his energy, but he had to keep stopping because he was too tired. Come on, Lymphical, rest, rest in here. Forget everything! The water hornswoggled. For a moment, it was as if Lymphical was the water, swaying with the current, letting it slide over his hands.

          Oh no! Lymphical suddenly remembered. The water is magical! Don't fall for it! Clenching his teeth, he stroked faster and faster. His lungs were burning. He thirsted for air. The water rose like an escalator, as if never letting Lymphical swim to the top. Finally, after a moment's struggle, Lymphical reached the attic in time.

"Here it is...." Lymphical gasped, putting the ladder down on the dusty attic floor. He lied down on the floor, closing his eyes for rest. He then realized that nothing was getting the ladder. Very catawampus, Lymphical looked around. The fire was gone! Instead, there were boxes stacked on top of each other. Lymphical, out of his instinct, started climbing the boxes that lead to the roof of his house.

           "The water reached too high up!" The fire explained when he saw Lymphical's head poke up. "Sorry... I didn't really notice the metal boxes in the corner."

Lymphical nearly fell down back to the attic floor when he heard this. He was outraged.             "I monish you: Never ever do those kinds of thing again."

"Here's the boat!" The fire cried out. Getting in first, it waved its hands and said: "C'mon, let's go before the water gets too high!"

            Lymphical stared at the fire at a while, and then he finally stepped in.

         "Alright, let's go. But I don't know how to get to the island!" Lymphical said truthfully.

        "I know the way." The fire winked.

         "How do you know?" Lymphical questioned.

The fire then paused, not sure if it was to tell Lymphical or not.

           "My maker put that permanently in my brain." The fire said. "And many other secrets I shouldn't have known."


         Somewhere in a dark, small room, a voice said: "Ha! They are foolish! They shall never make it through the journey!"
           "No! They will! They will save me! Lymphical cares about me! I'm his cousin!" Another person exclaimed.
         "Humph! Just watch the show as I make it more interesting......"


After a while of rowing, Lymphical finally saw a misty body of land.

      "Oh, I can see the island already! I bet this is it!" He said, pulling out a small metal pot.  "I was so bored; I made this out of partial of the boat!"

       "Oh no, I also see one of those candy bodyguards. They are made of stone rock candy and cannot be harm by anything except for fire."
          "You do know very much for a magical fire."
          "Just watch me!" the fire winked.
          But just when the boat was about to get to the shore, there was a big tsunami coming up, right in the middle of the boat, slicing it in two halves. 


       They flew out of the boat, the flame shrieking: "No!!! Not Water!!!!" as they fell into the dark water. Just at the last moment, Lymphical put out his metal pot, and as if in slow motion, the dropped into the pot.

       "I knew this would come in handy," Lymphical grinned, "I call it the Fire Saver!"

         "Oh my!!!" the fire exclaimed, hyperventilating from being so close to water. All he had to do was to stretch his legs and he would go out like a candle.
          "Hmmm.... we have a problem here." Lymphical said. "Wait.... I got it!" and so, he grabbed at the fire. "Come on, get into my hands!"
        "No way, I am not going to touch your hands. They’re filled with dirt!" the fire complained.
        "Or would you rather touch water?" Lymphical questioned, fingering his time stopping machine. It was an obvious answer; because you would rather get your hand really dirty than dying. And so, the fire closed his eyes and reached for Lymphical's hands. A second later, he was released, and he landed on the shore safely. But Lymphical was still stuck in his position, so he pushed the button, landing in the water with a humongous splash, sending water everywhere, nearly sending the fire to his doom. However, Lymphical's hands were a flashing red, burnt skin trailing everywhere.
          "Hey, watch out!" it said.
          "Sorry, I can't control it." Lymphical apologized.
Something rose up beneath him until he was about 10 feet high, on top of the something. He gulped, and then he looked down.


          He was sitting on a giant sea serpent. Roaring loudly, the gigantic monster larruped, trying to get Lymphical off its neck, but it was unsuccessful, although a normal person would've fallen into the water by now. Lymphical had a steady iron grip, for he had traveled with a cowboy, and you know what cowboys keep that you have to avoid. But he was no normal person. He had ventured in dark caves, went through the Fare Kagyu Dessert, and saw through creatures others have never seen before. Yet, he had never seen a sea serpent, and he had no idea what to do. His hands were hurting from clinging onto the rough scales of the serpent for so long.

      "Don't worry, I know a weakness!" It was the fire that spoke. It walked up to the candy bodyguard, who was savoring a jaw-breaker.

           The fire suddenly flared and the bodyguard started, running across the backyard, screaming with fear at the top of his lungs: "Help!!!! There's a fire in the backyard!!!"
          Meanwhile, inside the evil guy's castle, the villain who kidnapped many people frowned at the sight of his protector running from a magical fire.

         He scowled, and mumbled to himself: "Huh. I never knew that. Candy people afraid of fire? What next?"

        After the candy bodyguard stopped jumping around and saw that it was a magical fire, not normal fire, he turned around, and said: "Ok, now what do you want?"

      "I need your club." The fire demanded its hands on its hips.

        "Ok, fine, just don't beat me up with it." The candy bodyguard said grudgingly, setting his big club in front of the fire. The fire put it in its powerful hands, yet it did not burn. He started singing the first few lines of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the serpent turned to head the fire's way, seeming to calm down with the music.

      What are you doing? Lymphical mouthed at the fire.

       The fire just eyed Lymphical back, as if saying: Don't ask about my singing, I know what I'm doing!

      The fire then walked up to the serpent, and as the serpent realized that it wasn't any harm, so it swam closer and closer to the fire, until the fire could easily touch the serpent. Slowly, it swam down into the water with confidence. When the head was just above the water, the fire swung his bat at the serpent and the serpent's head lay down on the ground. Lymphical walked toward the shore, using the serpent's neck as a bridge.
        "You beat the serpent! You saved my life! Thanks a lot!” Lymphical said, relieved that the conflict was over.

           "Oh, but you already saved my life twice!" the fire said, becoming more red.

           “Anyways, let's go!" Saying this, the professor and the fire walked confidently into the evil guy's castle.
         "Evil villain, your plans are ruined! Your days of kidnapping people shall be over!!!" Lymphical said, kicking down the door of the castle. "You're busted!" 

          But, what Lymphical saw was not at all what he had expected. Sitting in a wooden chair was a girl, right next to a cage that locked Angelina, who was yelling and screaming. The girl twirled with a key that would unlock the cage. She was as beautiful as a Hollywood star. Her thick, wavy, long black hair gracefully falls down and encircles her face.

            Her large hazel-green eyes, remind me of the grassy land on a bright, sunny day. Her curved nose gives her a little girl look. Her mouth is a small mouth outlined by puffy lips that she often accentuates with glossy pink lipstick. When she smiled, white teeth brightened up her whole face.

         Lymphical stared open-mouthed at the girl. The girl was so pretty that Lymphical was stunned. Lymphical had never seen such a beautiful person in his life.

       The girl laughed. "You've come close, but you'll never be able to defeat me!!! The author promised that he'll keep on creating problems for you!"
        Lymphical and the fire gasped unanimously as she made her declaration.

        "How... how dare you accuse the author of helping you? He can change the story whenever he likes! He is the demiurge, for goodness sake! You can never force him to do anything at all!!" 
       "I have his sister in my hand.... Oh, here comes the rescue!" and just when she said it, a helicopter appeared, and she climbed onto it. "Goodbye!!" she said, waving to Lymphical and the fire.
         But just then, she realized something in terror: Franklin, Lymphical's cousin was still trapped in her dungeon. "Stop the helicopter!" she screamed. "I need his cousin!"
        Unfortunately, Professor L. and the fire already got the key

From the security guard and opened the jail door. "I've had enough of this dirty jail!” Lymphical’s cousin, Franklin cried. "You obsolete evil villain, we will obliterate you one day!"
       " Just send me to somewhere safe, somewhere no adult will ever find!!" the villain said to the helicopter pilot.
       "Should we follow him?" Franklin said.
       "Yes!" the fire said. They ran and ran, but the helicopter was too fast for them. It was out of sight soon.
       "We don't know where to start! Let's find a magical wizard first. Maybe magic is restricting adults to come." Lymphical suggested thoughtfully.


"Are you sure about this? I'm already bored. We'll never find the correct platform! We're not wizards!!"Franklin exclaimed.

"I am totally confident that J.K.Rowling was correct about the barrier. See? It’s right there, not in the middle and slight right." Lymphical protested.
"I'm still not convinced that Harry Potter is the right person to destroy the evil guy. I mean, he was only defending himself to kill voldemort. Besides, it's been about 30 years since that happened." the fire said.
"Hmmm.... you are right about that." Franklin pointed out. "Well, we got nobody else, right?"
"I only read the Harry Potter series, so this is the only place we can go to. Besides, maybe he knows a few powerful characters that can help us." Lymphical said.
So they stood quietly, waiting along the lanes, ready for the train that was coming. Suddenly, there was a rumble, and the station shook. People started to panic and run around randomly, for even wizards could not stop an earthquake. But it wasn't an earthquake after all. It was a nine-foot tall green troll, slobbering and looking around, lifting up the rooftop of the house.


        The wizards were baffled at the situation. None of them knew what the troll was talking about. But Professor L. knew. He knew that the evil guy was revenging, but not himself. He had to think fast, or he would be captured and be killed as easy as an ant. But his mind was blank, and he was stuck in the spot. Slowly, as if in slow motion, the troll's giant hand slowly moved down toward professor L., the fire, and Franklin.

           But, just when the troll's hand was about to grab them, someone in the crowd shouted: "STUPEFY!!!" and the troll was thrown backward, landing in the soft lawn grass behind the building.
        "Who is this???" Professor L questioned.
        "It is I, the one you were looking for, Harry Potter!"
        "Oh, goody, thank goodness you’re here!" Lymphical's cousin remarked. "Now, do you know any good person we could seek to help us out?"
         "Oh, I am terribly sorry. I cannot help you. I don't know anybody who could help you. Oh, such poor innocent people having to save the princess... I also heard of the event. Millions have tried, but they all failed badly. Maybe you can speak to him, and make a deal."
          "But we don't know where he is! We’ll never find him!" Franklin bawled.
      "Hmmm... what did he say when he escaped?"
      "He said that he would go to a place no adult would ever find!"
       "Oh, I seem to know such place. It's called Never Land. So wonderful, as Julia A. Fletcher Carney has said: 'little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the beauteous land.’" Harry's eyes brightened with wonder.       

     They went on hurriedly, as if they wanted to chase their shadows. They kept on flying, eager to make it to Never Land in time.

        They had all made a big preparation to transform in their child self’s, and even though Lymphical's cousin and the fire were still considered children, they still made sure that the magic would work and they could fly as soon as they had fairy dust. But finding fairy dust was very hard. In fact, it was merely impossible to find it in Particular Land, because the caves all have been evacuated and the water had been cleared. All trails of fairy, if there had been, was all gone, as if there were none at all. But luckily, Lymphical had kept a few fairs in his glass jar, and even though they were weak from the experiments Lymphical had made, they still produced enough fairy dust to keep them in the air.

           They were half way there when they relieved that morning was coming, and they were not going to make it. They were going lower, and lower, until they could easily touch the water. It was so vetoes outside that Lymphical, Franklin, and the fire thought that the wind might blow them away, or worse, into the water. Just then, Lymphical pushed a button and rockets appeared behind them, and they flew back high up. Lymphical winked at them, and then faced back front.

           "Wow! It's just as I imagined! The birds, the land, the soft grass... I just can't wait to see peter pan!" Franklin said excitingly.

       "Let's just hope that the evil guy hasn't tricked him yet." Lymphical said worriedly.

      They walked on, and then they saw a huge tree house.

       "This must be it!" the fire concluded. "Come on, what are you waiting for? Get inside!"

       So, they climbed the ladder up to the tree house, with the fire having difficulty doing this because he was afraid of burning the tree down.

         "Here, have some rubber gloves, they're fire proof!" Lymphical said, throwing the fire a pair of gloves the color of the fire.

       "Thanks a lot!" the fire said.

      They went inside, and they saw peter pan, right inside, with the person they didn't want.

       "Hello there, young friends! You're new, aren't you! Well, come here and meet my new friend, Lacy Drano!" Peter Pan greeted welcomingly, waving his hand at the new comers.

            "Hey, we know her!" Franklin said. "She's our friend. She got here faster than us by a lot, and we had to keep up."

          "Um, yeah, these people are my friends." Lacy said, grinning.        

            She shot Franklin an evil look, saying "I will revenge.... eventually." Franklin acted as if nothing at all had happened and everything was normal.

         He smiled, then he said: "All right, Peter Pan, what shall we do?"

        Peter Pan replied: "Of course, let's go on an adventure! Quiet everybody, this song has to be clearly heard for the magic to work!"

Peter pan then sang: “Where shall we go?

To the mighty dragon ho!

What shall we meet?

Fleets of pirates, deep heart-stopping chasms, and steep tall mountains!

We shall hand on high cliffs,

We shall explore petite caves.

Take us! Magical tree!

Take us! To parochial trails,

To where the bondage live!

We shall face all danger,

The sly, the evil,

The big, malicious,

The meticulous people,

Never fear, poor people, we are here,

To save you all!" and just like that, his song ended, and the world outside of them seemed to swivel around. It was so fast, the trees became a blur. The wind blew harder. Then the tree vanished in a split second.


          They opened their eyes, and they all went by to the window to see where they had gone to. But it looked exactly like where they just were, except there were more trees.

            "Here we go, adventure!" cried Peter Pan. "Oh, may I ask your names?"

               "My name is Franklin." lymphical's cousin said.

            "My name is Lymphical, and it is nice to meet you, Peter pan." Lymphical greeted.

              "I am the fire!!!" the fire said, sparkling, nearly setting the tree house on fire.

              "Watch out! You’re going to burn my house down!" Peter Pan warned. He then led the children down the ladder and out. "Wow, it looks like it's a forest out here! I wonder what we'll find in there. c'mon, let's divide. Lymphical, you go east. Franklin, you go west. Fire, go south! And Lays, you can come with me to the north."

            And so, they followed his directions and went where they were supposed to. Lymphical met a Rocky giant, and he had no idea what to do, so he just ran away. Franklin met a water giant, which kept on splashing him until he was too annoyed and just ran away too. The fire met a vine giant but could not burn the giant and the fire got really frustrated and ran away. Peter pan and Lays met a big normal giant, and they tried to use the arrows peter pan had with him, but the giant was too powerful and overcame peter pan and Lays, and they ran away too.

             Finally, they met in the middle, all running away from their giants, and they all bumped into each other. They laughed, then they had imaginary dinner, and they all ate the dinner happily. Then they went to sleep in imaginary tents Peter Pan made.

          When midnight came, Lays woke up and tip-toed his way to Lymphical's tent. He then tied a rope around Lymphical. He did the same to the cousin. He then threw the fire into the cold ocean, and from that on, there was no more fire. At last, he put peter pan into the tree house and tried his best to mimic his chanting voice, and it worked. Peter pan would not know how he got there, and when he did, it would be too late.


                "Phew! Yesterday was fun, wasn't it!" Lymphical said to himself as he yawned and stretched. It was then that he realized that he was tied up with Nylon, the strongest rope in Never Land. In fact, it was strongest in every single place Lymphical had ever visited. Lymphical was very worried. He then yelled at the top of his voice: "HELP ME, PETER PAN!!! I'M IN ROPES!!!" but nothing happened. He then went outside of the tent, and that was when he saw his cousin, tied up with a rope just like him. Franklin shook his said sadly, and then he said: "The fire is dead. The villain had thrown him inside that ocean over there."

     Lymphical's eyes widened, then the world around him started to spin and the trees grew smaller. He then took a deep breath, and then raised his head. He looked around, and then he saw the one he was looking for. 

    "What do you want? If you really want to see who wants to save the princess, why don't you ask a knight? Are you too cowardly?" Lymphical spat at Lacy.

        Lacy said: " I like having a prisoner. Oh, and have I told you the real identity of the princess? She isn't a princess at all. She just calls herself that because she's so spoiled and snobby. She's actually Angelina, the sister of the author!" saying this, lightning boomed right on the ground beneath him. 

   "Whoa, watch out, author. If you kill me, your sister will never be freed. And you cannot do anything to stop it." Lacy said calmly.

   "Yes he can! He can do anything!" Franklin exclaimed. 

   "Ha! He must follow my orders, because I have his sister in my hands. Well, how about this: I give you one chapter to get the Crystal of Living and free Angelina!"

   "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED." a voice filled the air.

   "I'm not done yet. You have to write this chapter with no "E"s at all."

   "THAT IS CRAZY!!! NO E??!! THAT'S THE MOST USED LETTER!!" the earth shook, and trees fell into the gap the earthquake made.

   "Oh, but you have to follow me, or your main characters will die." the flagitious Lacy smirked. "As everyone knows, protagonists never die, and if they do, then it's not a story. And you want to make a story."


    "All right, it makes no difference." Lacy then went over and untied the ropes.

    "OK, READY?"


  "I'm not ready yet!" Franklin said.



   "Yikes! This is our last chance to ever say 'e's!" Lymphical said hurriedly.




   "Argh, why don't you go faster, this is taking forever!" Lacy said impatiently.


  "3, 2, 1, AND..........................."

  "ZERO!!!" and with that,  a button with "CHAPTER BREAK" printed on it was pushed, somewhere inside a dark room.


 ***********************END OF PART ONE***********************


Note: I make parts because I don't want your browser freeze and you have to wait forever (An example of a too long website is poptropicahelp.jimbo.com).