Goodwin Lu, known as "9spaceking" on many different websites

What I look like- not really...
What I look like- not really...

P.S. That is not a picture of me.


I am the author of everything but chapter 7 and the story of the villain named Mellie.

I do not own Peter Pan, Neverland, Harry Potter, or Hogwards. Those characters belong to other movie companies.
My Birthday: 1.7.1999
Homestate: Kentuky
Current City: Chantilly, VA


About me:

I wrote this story out of fun on about sometime a year ago, it was orginally called "the longest to be story" and I wrote it on but then I remembered (Ah, I forgot my pass for the other website.... that's why I didn't update it. I am in 8th grade, going to Franklin Middle School.



I enjoy doing a lot of things:  playin' piano, playin' tennis, playin' Online games, playin' table tennis, makin' Fictional stories, playing the violin, et cetera!


Most Hilarious Video on Yotube? "JB being shot for 10 hours"

Favorite song: Hot & Cold

Favorite Show on TV: MLP:FiM (YEAHHHHH!!! GO BRONIES!!!)

Favorite Episode(s) of that show: Season 3 episodes 1 & 2

Favorite Song from that show: "Winter Wrap Up"

Best Literal Movie Trailer ever? The Pirates of the Carribean: on Stranger Tides

Favorite book: Divergent 

Favorite sport: Table Tennis!!!

Favorite board game: Chess

Favorite series: Percy Jackson!!!

Favorite movie: Cars 2

Favorite food: Tiramisu

Favorite Online game: Achievement Unlocked 3

Favorite quotes:

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. 
~Albert Einstein
The only thing to fear is fear itself.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt
Never give up.
Favorite color: green


How to contact me:

Email me what you think about the story and what I should improve at my email:


Stories I wrote (and thier webpages): Lymphical's Super Adventures on ; and Nye Dregno Draed's Adventures on .


Angelina is 10 yrs old. She thinks she is the best writer ever, which isn't true. My mom is better! 


She lives where I lives, and is author of Chapter 7. I wrote the rest based on her perspective. (LOTS of people write like that)

She also edits my story.


She also wrote the story of the evil villain named Mellie.


Random facts about the story

It is approx. 21,000 words long and finished. 

The least amount of a single letter in the story is "q". there is so far only 40 "q"s in the story (although in the english language, there is the least number of "z" words) which is VERY less, trust me.

But, the latest appearing letter is z, where it appears in ". He recognized the ladder he had used many times."

There are exactly 30 characters who appear in this story (not counting the soldiers, animals, servants) Can you identify them all? (hint: one of them is the fire)