"Now what is this about?" Lymphical said.

       "This isn't too hard." Franklin said.

      "Oh, but doing things is much too difficult for you." Lacy said, laughing.

     "You can do as much as I and Lymphical can." Franklin said, frowning at Lacy.

      Franklin holds his hands with Lymphical's, and Franklin starts to walk away just as Lymphical stops him.

   "Stop walking!" Lymphical said. (I know, too much 'said's. Sorry!)

   Franklin, looking at Lymphical, said to him: "Why should I?"

   Lymphical mimics a sound of a bird. Instantly thousands of birds fly to him, and chirping sounds fill up Franklin and Lacy's brain. 

   "No way, Ang is not going to go out of Lacy's hands, just as this bird, and all birds too!" Lymphical said.  "Without you know what, it's too hard."

   "Why don't you fly back?" Franklin asks.

   "I know! I got a Fly-o-tron 2000, strap it onto your back, and watch stars fly by quickly!" Lymphical said.

    Franklin put his hand on a Fly-o-tron 2000. "This is amazing! I fancy gizmos, you know!" And Franklin straps on a Fly-o-tron, as Lymphical said to.

    Just as Lymphical and Franklin start flying, Lacy slaps a hand-cuff on Lymphical's and Franklin's hands.

    Lymphical scowls. "What is this about?"

    Lacy smirks, and says: "I didn't say you would always go out of my hands! Now that Goodwin is not looking, you will stay down in my jail until Doomsday! Ha ha ha!"

     Lymphical thinks: I cannot stop him! Just go with him. So, Lymphical finally quits his plan to bypass Lacy.

As if Lacy could know what Lymphical was thinking, Lacy guffaws until Franklin finally stops Lacy from choking.

      "Ah, my jail!" Lacy said. "This is a gratuity for you! First to go in my jail, although you don't go of your own volition."

          Lymphical grunts, and walks into Lacy's jail. Franklin looks back, trying to dillydally, but Lacy shook Franklin's hand-cuffs, and Franklin slowly, and grudgingly, as if in a stroll, tracks his way to Lacy's jail.

          "I know you abhor this, but I will stay and guard you!" Lacy says. 

        I was looking at my protagonists, and I got cranky so much that I almost rip apart my story. 

          "This has got out of hand. I shall go in!" I avow. I put in all of my writing magic, and fanatically, fall into my story.

         Birds chirp. Mosquitos buzz around. Music is playing. It is so good, I thought.  Out of curiosity, I sat up abruptly. 

         "Huh. I don't know this part of land. That's unusual." I said.

A Crowd of Mortals! I thought.

     That was what I call non-protagonists, and I didn't want to throng at producing what you call it-- Oh, Johns and Joppa and Andy, and humans all around us. That was why I'm popping into this story. Couldn't think of a guy so good that I wouldn't win him in a match. But I, I know all about "I". I- So many crazy ability I could do- Fly, Bombs from World War Two, and Soap foam. Hmm.... Soap foam isn't that good.

      Anyways, mortals surround this guy I can't stand- sings crazily, and hands go into a spasm. 

       "Ok, what is going on?" I said.

      Music stops, and mortals spin around. 

         "How much I told you, stop that instantly! Jack Mayonar is singing! Famous, famous, you do not know how!" An old man snaps.

       "Sorry, but I'm lost." I say, trying to look small but showing angst and anxious.

       "Go away!” Mortals say.

     I, slipping away, frown. I look around, and saw a cross. Aha! I know that cross! I instantly know that Lacy's jail is north of it. Don't ask why, but I don't know who Jack Mayonar is. No, didn't want him to stay in my story. But Lymphical and Franklin has to go out of Lacy's jail. Now. 

     Clocks go "boom!" as I walk into Lacy's jail. Lacy is snoring. Good, I think, just as I thought.

         Frankin sat up. "Wha--?"

       " I am Goodwin, author of this story." I said, "Acid. I bought along tons, but I don't think I'm using too much, am I?" dripping a lot of it onto bars that traps Lymphical and Franklin. "Aha! Now go!"

        So Lymphical and Franklin, ran out of Lacy's jail. But, Lacy stops us, surprisingly, just waking up from his nap.

       "Stop right in your spot." Lacy said. "Ang is still in my hands. Find a crystal you may, and you shall go!"

         "Ha! Too common in this world!" I said, putting out a lot of diamonds and gold and stuff.

          "I'm afraid that's not what I want. I want Crystal of Living, and I want Uno Crystal, lucky for you!" Lacy said.

          "NOOO!" Lymphical and Franklin said unanimously.  "Not that crystal, from Pro-Loug! That bird will kill us!"

           Chuckling, I said: "My bird? Tulip? It won't hurt a fly!"

           Lymphical and Franklin both do nothing, and walk backward. 

          "So I walk first, right?" I say.

          "Ok, why not?" Lymphical says.

        "You know, that is actually my bird." I say, pointing into Pro-Loug grotto, which two big pupils show. "It's small, comparing it to Mr. Lollipop."

         "You call that small? And who is Mr. Lollipop?" Franklin said, afraid. "You concoct that bird. Why?"

          "Don't worry. Tulip won't hurt you. Out you go!" I command Tulip, my bird. (ignoring Franklin asking: "Who is Mr. Lollipop?")

         "Ahhhh!!!" Franklin runs to Lymphical, avoiding big cracks that just pop up. I just stand, doing nothing. Boom! Tulip blasts into my hands.  

       "Good Tulip, good Tulip." I said, ruffling my bird softly. "Ah, wanna snack?" 

       Tulip jumps around, and I bring Lymphical, Franklin into Pro-Loug Grotto.

       I walk calmly into Pro-Loug Grotto, now with a big burrow. 

       "Only La Choisi Un can touch this crystal, and not hurt by it. I trust that I am that La Choisi Un. I am Goodwin!" I said. Tipping forward my hand, I now painstakingly touch it. Blasting backward by an unknown thing, I watch stars fly by.

        "This is absurd! I am not La Choisi Un?" Gasping, I sat up. "Find him!"

        "Who? Choisi Un? But.... I don't know who that guy is!" Lymphical said.

         "I know." I said. "Right........ in this grotto."

         Lymphical, gasping, said: "Is it? You right about this?"

         "Try it." I said, raising my brows.

         Lymphical, walking toward Crystal of Living,  pulls it.


                BLAST!!!! Went the blinding light. 

             "Glad that chapter was over." I signed. "That was a hardcore feat I'd never do again."

               Lymphical blinked unbelievingly, staring in amazement at the glowing Crystal in his open hand. "Now I realize what this Crystal beholds. It has the power to control all the living!"

                    Suddenly, Lacy appeared beside him, stretching her greedy arms out, smirking with satisfaction. "Thanks for the Crystal, Lymphical!"

               Shaking his head sadly, knowing Lacy didn't have any idea of the power of the crystal, Lymphical heaved a sigh, and thousands of termites scurried across the landscape bit furiously into Lacy's unprotected flesh. "You are poisoned badly. You better release Angelina, or else...." Lacy's arms were covered with large, oozing bumps and her eyes grew faint.

             Lacy's eyes widened and glared angrily at Lymphical, spewing deep-red blood from her mouth. "Seems like you already got the hang of it." she murmured accusingly. "But, technology will prevail! I only have to push this button, and an ax will swing down upon the author's sister!"

            "Or will it?" Lymphical asked rhetorically. Unfortunately for Lacy, the answer wasn't rhetorical, because my bird lost grip of its delicious trip and bounced right into Lacy instead, biting her arm with his sharp beak, so hard that Lacy did not have the tiny amount of energy to even lightly push the button. But, to that surprise, that was not it. A giant eagle came swooping in, stealing Lacy's powerful gadget from his hands.

             "Arghhhh!" Lacy screamed. "Too much! Stop!" Lots of red blood was spurting out from Lacy's mouth as he spoke those words. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Lymphical waved his hand and every animal he had summoned had scurried off, except Tulip, who eyed Lymphical angrily then returned to its business of chasing the giant worm, which was squirming off.

           "Thanks." Lacy said, gasping. She shook his head. "Nah, I'm no good at being evil at all! Why had I even kidnapped your sister? I'll think I'll free Angelina instead of doing this. C'mon, let's go!"

           Lymphical glanced at me, unsure what to do at this sudden change. "That's not all! I'm taking you on the safest route to my castle!" Lacy declared.

          "I'm glad that you're on our side!" I said, patting Lacy on the shoulder.

          "Well, if the author agrees.... I mean, he should know the best of what you're thinking." Franklin said.

            Lacy then suddenly started. "Oh no! That means I'll have to pass through all the danger! None of any of the routes are really safe, so...... I guess you guys will have to decide. I have a map, right... here." He pulled out a piece of yellow, old paper.

           "Ok, let's have a look at this. Oh my god! How many traps have you made?" I gasped in astonishment at the map.



           "Uh... not that much, actually. But, I encased something very important with just a spill of coffee." Lacy grinned. "Oh no! I just remembered something! The robots don't even listen to me anymore. They will destroy everyone in their way."

            "Do you still remember what was under the spill of coffee?" Lymphical asked.

         Lacy slowly shook his head. "I don't have perfect memory!"

         "Ah, but I do know what is right beside the island of evil robots!" I said. "The author of a story always know where everything is located, every secret passage! It is...." Just then, something humongous cut me off. It was a giant helicopter. 

              "Stand still. Put your hands up!" A few solders came out, raising a gun at us. Obviously, he did not know I was the author.

             "Of course we will." I said, swinging my hands up and hitting a button. We closed our eyes as thousands of arrows shot out from the outside walls of our caves. The helicopter was shot down, and the solders all stumbled and fell to their doom. Well, all except one, who had titanium armor that reflected the arrows that hit him.

           "I will kill all of you, one by one!" He said. "Professor Lethargic is waiting for the news."

         "Oh no! The long unseen Professor Lethargic!" I cried out.

        "Not him again! I just remembered what was under the spill of coffee: it was his big city of Delta Ihad Strap Also Saco They Ease Raid!" Lacy suddenly said.

       "You know him?" Franklin asked, surprised.

         "Of course I do! It was horrible! I was transporting my supplies of food to Angelina during feeding time using the sacred portals  which were on the edge of the city, but he then came over and zapped me using this super-zap orator, and he even used his snake poison shotinator to shoot me. I barely had time to dodge them, my fingers were gone, and my hair burned to dust!" Lacy described.

        "Well, you deserved it!" Franklin said.

        "Ah, who do we see here?" We saw a gray haired mad man come out of a helicopter, who was Professor Lethargic. "Your friends are absolutely no help, except.... You!" He pointed at me.

       "You are strange. You know where everything is! The king welcomed you without you having to kneel down! You are witchcraft!" Professor Lethargic cried. "Take him down first!"

      "That is true!" I said. "And I've practiced for the last few years to defeat you!" With that, I waved my arms and pointed at Lethargic's helicopter, and yelled: "Explosivio!” Then, a blue light passed by my hand, smashing into the helicopter, making it suddenly exploding and fell on the ground.

      Coughing, sputtering, Lethargic came out of the smoke. "I still have my other solders! You are outnumbered! You can't possibly explode all of them, can you?"

        "Magic may not be able to," I smiled, pushing a secret button on the seat belt, "But technology wins." And hundreds of machine guns come out of the caverns outside wall, the trees, and our helicopter. They start shooting, and the other flying machines fell, Lethargic's solders dying. 

         Lethargic retreated, activating his emergency-use jet-pack. "I will return! And when I do, you will be doomed!"

        I smiled. "Anyways, as we were saying, you said you transported food to my sister through his city's transporters, yes?"

        "Of course. There is no other way in." Lacy grinned. "Let's go!" 

       "Don't forget the crystal!" Franklin cried out. "It's still in the cavern!"

       I smiled. "Glad you remembered that." And we hauled the crystal into the back of the helicopter. 


      We landed safely onto the ground, the sound of choppers slowing.

      "Show us the portals, Lacy." Lymphical commanded.

       Lacy shook her head. "All of them have guards, Lymphical. No one can get past them."

        "Is there another way?" Franklin asks curiously.

        "Sorry. We'll have to get past the guards." Lacy said. "They're not my guards!"

        I cleared my throat. "Have you forgotten that I am here to tell you every bad guy's weakness? Well, if you did, I can tell you that the safest portal is the Forbidden Portal."

       Lacy gasped. "Not the Forbidden Portal! It has great unimaginable energy; not even Professor Lethargic goes near it! That is why it is in the field of mines!"

       "If it is a field of mines, we can just fly over it to the Forbidden Portal." I said calmly.

        "We'll have to be extra careful." Franklin gulped.

        Riding back on the helicopter, Lacy and Lymphical cooperated carefully, one directing, one making sure the bottom of the helicopter didn't touch the ground. Inching to the portal, we watch as no one stops us, no animals come and make the mines explode. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we were right above the portal.

        Throwing a rope, Lymphical lowered himself painstakingly toward the portal. With a Zap! He disappeared. We followed, Franklin almost falling off. Within a minute, we were all gone from the city.

         But, instead of being in a castle, we appeared in the long lost Xedswo Empire.

         "No!!! Where are we?" Franklin cried. "I knew the Forgotten Portal wouldn't help!"

         Lymphical shaked me. "Why did you bring us here? We can't go back now!"

         I smiled mysteriously. "Don't you remember, Lacy, being bitten by a poisonous scorpion?"

        Lacy shuddered, shaking her head no. "No harm done, no harm. It is alright to speak of the truth." I said. Lacy still shook her head. "Sorry, I don't like the thought of it. But what does that have to do with going here?"

        I sighed. "There are a total of 9,876 doctors in this world, but only one can treat scorpion poison. In fact, he can treat any strange disease at all, heal any scars, and is impossibly good at solving jig-saw puzzles."

         "Wow! He must be really popular! Is he here now? I can't wait to get treated! I'm already getting small hallucinations like seeing your hand, Lymphical, as a mechanical arm." Lacy exclaimed.

       "Yes, we must get to him as soon as possible. Silence! I must locate him." I said. Lacy, Lymphical and Franklin all followed my order, backing away, giving me space. I closed my eyes. My soul left my body, flying forward, fast as lightning. Direct me to him. I called out. Dr. Muskab O. Sentacy, let me come to you! After a while, my soul flew a complicated path, through woods, through villages, and finally landing in a small cave after a while. Silently, I crept toward Dr. Muskab. He appeared to be treating another poor patient.

        ".... Sir, your sickness is cured! I should be moving on now." Dr. Muskab said, turning back, and that was when he saw me. Scowling, he shakes his head. "Not you again. What is this time?"

       "A person named Lacy is poisoned by giant Frevar scorpions." I said.

      "Frevar scorpions?! That is suicidal! Do you know what it takes to depoison that?" Muskab made gesticulations, forming a picture of an imaginary skull.

     "No, I don't know." I said truthfully. "I do know every disease, but I can't treat all of them."

     Muskab paved to and fro the stone ground. "Where is she?" He asks.

     "You must come and follow me to Lacy." I said.

      "Yikes, that's grave danger to your body. Why don't you come to me instead?" The doctor suggests.

      "Alright. But, you have to stay here, or I'll have to keep finding you again." I warned. Flying out of the cave, I passed through the mountains and lakes, back to where Lacy was. She was now lying down on the ground, seemed stunned by what she was seeing, albeit she faced the sky.

        "The monsters are coming for me.... I must escape!" She screamed, running around then falling back onto the ground. Lymphical and Franklin stood there, trying their best to calm Lacy down.

       Returning to my body, I open my eyes instantly and said: "The sickness is worse than I thought. Well, we'll have to visit him. I can't be able to stay outside my body for so long."

      "Great. That is just great. Well? Could you conjure up a car, or rocket, or even a teleporter?" Lymphical asks. "We need a faster thing, whatever it might be!"

      I frowned knowing that none of those could be possibly build in the Xedswo Empire. In fact, no machinery, or thing made out of metal could be built in here. The leader made sure of that, and nobody could change it. Ino T. Ally had kept his kingdom well, I thought. I can already see a few brick houses in the distance, not so far off.

       "The laws say no. I had made this story, based on a magical planet, far in the distance. Remember Never Land and the Hogwarts Station? They are supposedly in my world, but I moved them to here. Nevertheless, the Xedswo Empire is original and olden." I explained.

         "Oh no! What should we do now?" Franklin asked hurriedly. "Lacy is short of breath!" I could even hear her hyperventilating right now. 

         My gears turning in my head, I seeked for a solution. But, nothing came up. I thought of the strange creatures that inhabited the land, then decided no. The painful process was too long. I thought of all the secret passages, but none were closer than just going straight on. The path was cleared off, no leaves, no bugs crawling. The scene seemed really awkward, for it was fall, and when the wind blew the flamboyant weakened leaves on the trees, they did not fall off.

         "Aha! I can apparate there!" I said, thinking of the book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows".

        "Great idea, author! I just hope it works out well." Lymphical muttered, double checking on Lacy, who was still squirming on the floor, trying to run out of her crazy nightmare. "Wait... You can do magic... does that mean you are a wizard?"

       "Yes, I am. Not the kind that needs a wand to do spells, though." I said.

       "Are you.... the wizard who made the fire?" Lymphical asked carefully.

      I seemed to think for a long time before I finally gave him the answer. "Yes, I am."

     "I just wanted to thank you for making him. It saved me... too bad  it was killed by.... her." His voice lowered to a whisper, his finger pointing to Lacy.

     "Ok, hold my hands. Here we go!" I said, summoning all the power from deep within the magical world, but, nothing seemed to happen. I opened my eyes. Surprisingly, we were all standing in front of Dr. Muskab's patient's house. Dr. Muskab was leaning on the doorway, waiting for us.

      "I've already prepared the medicine while you were gone. It was tedious work, but it was worth it. My philosophy is: 'A life saved, sometime earned, a diamond's worth.'"

     "Do you mean we have to pay you a diamond in order for you to save Lacy? No way! We have to author right here!" Franklin asked angrily.

     "No no no, you misunderstood. I meant that a life saved is worth a diamond to me. So, I want to save lives as much as miners want diamonds." Muskab explained. "Quick, time is running out, let her eat the medicine! It may be too late."

      But, as Lymphical was hurrying, with a bowl in his hands, Lacy was choking blood out. We went and fed her the medicine, but it did not work. She didn't have much breath left. She was gasping for air, and for a moment, she seemed to be out of her hallucination.

       "Thank you.... I owe you a lot......" She said slowly, reaching for Lymphical's hands. "Without you... the author wouldn't come and... save me." She then lay down on the floor, her eyes closed. But, she wasn't done with her speech. "I don't have... much time left. Save her... before... Lethargic gets her." Then, she lost her grip on Lymphical, and we were left standing there somberly.

      This was the first time I had ever lost a main character. I was very angry.

      "Why did you have to poison her? Now the story is ruined. My stories are bad, I know, but even killing off a villain is bad! She then went on our side!" I reprimanded Lymphical.

       "Sorry, but I had to do it. I could not let her get the crystal, but I am really sorry!" Lymphical explained.

       "Fine, have it your way. But, I came here for another reason." I said.

        "Interesting. Who is this 'her' you are trying to save?" Muskab asked curiously.

        "It is my sister, Angelina. She was kidnapped by Lacy, but Lacy lost control of her, and now she has fallen into Professor Lethargic's hand." I told Dr. Muskab O. Centasy.

         Muskab's eyes brightened up. "I see! You are going to ask Ino T. Ally for his soldiers to defeat that Lethargic!"

         "Correct." I said.

         "Come on! You are the best doctor there is! Save her!" Lymphical cried, shaking Dr. Muskab.

         "I am so sorry, but even I cannot make people come back from the dead. Surviving for so long is already a prodigy. I can come with you if you like. I can help persuade the king to give you some solders." Dr. Muskab said, his head shaking sadly.

         "But... the author kept him alive! He should give solders!" Lymphical said.

        "No, it isn't just like that. He is narrowly invincible. He decides what happens. I have no control over him, although I can use magic." I explained to Lymphical.

        "Still, we have to go!" I exclaimed. "We need him!"

          "Alright. Let's see how powerful this Ino T. Ally is." Lymphical said.  


              "Your great majesty, four people have come to visit." A person said, bowing low at a figure.

             The figure nodded, letting us swarm into his humongous castle, which had many windows on it and many flags on it. Lymphical stared, awe-struck by the delicate images carved painstakingly onto the wall. There were images of cats and dogs of every kind, and there were also Egyptians kneeling down to the pets, who were sitting, head high, on a gold throne. Lymphical and Franklin had, obviously, never ever seen such a sight. They stood there for a long time, until we heard a cough. Then, we hurried in.

             "Ah, it is you again." Ino Terible Ally said. "Well, looks like you bought along some people to exchange this time!"

             "No! We are not for exchange!" Franklin yelled out, but Ino T. Ally had muted him since the first word. Franklin was very surprised by this action. "Yikes, is he this powerful?" He mouthed to me. Ino T. Ally shook his head.

             "So, how many soldiers do you want this time?" Ino T. Ally asked.

             I sucked some air into my lungs. "Have you ever heard of professor Lethargic?"

            Ino's eyes widened with astonishment. "He is bad, bad, bad! Luckily he doesn't know my full power."

              "We need enough to take care of his soldiers." I finally declared.

                "I see. Well, in that case, take as much as you want." Ino said. "The soldiers are ready to fight. Do not worry."

               "Wait." I suddenly had a thought. "Have you seen.... a strange person you've never seen before?"

              "Hmmm.... yes, there seems to be this famous singer who claims to be a hero. He wants to know where he is, and what had happened to him. But, sadly, I have absolute no idea. I just know he's from another world." Ino said thoughtfully.

              "Does he claim to be Jack Mayonar?" I asked even further.

              "Yes. He says that I have to be careful too, but I have no worries. I have max security, thank goodness." Ino said.

              "Are you sure he is the most powerful person around here?" Franklin was whispering to me.

             "Of course I am. No whispering in my palace, Franklin. No one ever dares spy on me! So speak louder!" Ino said angrily. Pieces of wood started to fall from the ceiling, splinters narrowly missing us.

          "Ino is too powerful!" Franklin cried out. "We'll be doomed! Stop it, author!"

            Now it was my turn to be angry. "Argh! How many times have I told you to not anger Ino T. Ally!"

           "Zero." Franklin said as he ran toward the exit of the palace. The whole building was crashing down now, as Ino T. Ally stared at us coldly, watching us as we sprinted outside, as fast as we could. 

          "Yikes!" I said, looking at the big blocks of log in front of me. There was no way to get past them. "Say sorry to him, Franklin!" I yelled. Franklin was hesitating; there was no mistaking his thinking pose. Just then, a huge rock fell toward us.

              "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed. The rock was too big to dodge.



            If you are reading this, it is too late. The writer of this story is close to his death, and if he dies, his story will disappear. I will, too. I must find the writer and tell him to return me to my own story. I am known as Jack Mayonar, but I am actually a secret detective. I cannot give you my real name, but I can give you my initials: PB. Sounds oddly familiar, yes? Well, if you haven't already guessed my real name, you should really search it up on Google. 

            You must save me by writing a story, I don't care what it's about, but I believe the evil villains will try to bring you here. Do not panic. I trust you. You have the ability to save all of us. You must try it for your own good.


                                                                                     JACK MAYONAR/ PB


              "Hello, Sushie Heluma, my master. I have fulfilled my quest. They have died."

             "No. They haven't. Are you crazy? If they died, we would've disappeared too!"

              "You're right, master. But, they are asking help from Ino T. Ally! No one can stop him!" 

             "Ha! Maybe not in this story.. But I came from another story. Whoever bought me here, I must thank them."

              "What should I do, master?"

              "Everything still goes onto plan."

             "Alright, master." Then the figure walked out of the room, quietly. 

              "This world will soon be mine. Everyone shall bow to me!" Sushie crackled maliciously.


              I was ducking under the big rock, which was held by a young man in his twenties. "No worries, I got this." He was saying. Ino seemed a bit surprised by his appearance.

              "Thank you." I said. Suprisingly, I did not know his name.

                 "Who are you? What are you here for?" Ino asked the man. He seemed to not know this person who saved all of us. We immediately scurried to the middle of the grand palace, for it was the safest place we could be. Smorgasbord slowly put the rock down, then he bowed to Ino.

                  "I have come here to tell you something very important." Smorgasbord was saying.

                 "Go ahead." Ino was nodding.

                 Smorgasbord hesitated, then said some words. Unfortunately, Ino had muffled the sound using an invisible barrier. I could not lip-read, so even I did not know what Smorgasbord had to say. 

                 Ino nodded, then waved the barrier away. "I decide to send soldiers to follow you on the journey to save your sister. They will be needed." I breathed a sigh of relief. Looks like this person is pretty good at convincing Ino T. Ally, I thought. Strangely, the man looked very confused at this situation.

             "Thank you." Lymphical said, bowing once again. Then, I turned and faced the man who saved us.

              "Who are you? What is your name? Why have you saved us?" I asked. The man seemed astonished, as if he were so famous that everyone should've known about him.

             "My name is  Smorgasbord, and I have saved you because it is my mission to." *The man replied. I had ton of questions, but Smorgasbord asked me a question before I had time to ask him a question. "What is your career?"

            I was confused, but I answered him, as he had saved my life. "I am an author, don't you know?"

        But before I could go on, Ino T. Ally's soldiers ushered me out of the palace, saying: "Go save your sister, alright?" Glancing one last time at the mysterious man named Smorgasbord, I hurried on with my compadres.


            It was suspiciously easy to get past the guards. We used the good old fashioned way: mist bombs. I don't know about you, but if you got to do it, you would probably do it the modern way: in the backround, playing Mission Impossible music, you sneak past them and bonk them on the head before you enter the portal, open the stone cage, turn the knob, then face the princess. She will cheer and you will lean in, her too, and.... Wait, no. I'm going too far ahead of myself. Excuse me please, but I have to write this story my way. Save the princess the way you want to!

           Anyways, after we got past the guards, we entered the Forbidden Portal. Now, I know you have heard of tons of different portals, but this one is different from all the other ones. It is Forbidden. As in, 404, lost of internet connection. You have to walk a REEAAAAAAALLLLLY long hallway to get to the other side. But no worries, it was worth it. 

         On the other side was a giant stone door. Actually, 2 giant stone doors. The castle had no windows (as far as I knew), and there were tons (really!) of carvings on the walls, with an angel statue in the middle of the two doors. 

         The angel statue was the lock.


*To read more about Smorgasbord, go on to see his mighty adventures and his way to save us!

         The floor had a riddle on it. "What does this mean?" Franklin asked. Lymphical examined it.

         "Hmmm.... let's see.... the first sentence is: 'The key you seek is an important thing.'" Lymphical read.

         "Well, that's obvious!" Franklin said. "That means that the key is very important."

        "Wait... don't you know the answer to the riddle, author of the entire story?" Lymphical suddenly asked.

        My cheeks flushed red. "Suprisingly, I do not know. Not all of the story is written by me. Chapter 7 and Nellie's stories are written by my sister, Angelina."

        "So you're saying that Angelina wrote this riddle?" Franklin asked. "Then why doesn't SHE get the keys and get out of this castle?"

         "That's probably because the keys are OUT of her trapped room." Lymphical rolled his eyes.

         "Hey, guys! Look over here! There's some keys over here!" I said, waving over to Lymphical and Franklin.

         "Let's take one and try it!" Franklin said, running over.

         "No!" I warned. "You can only try one. Do the wrong one, and you trigger the trap!"

          "The trap?" Franklin asked.

         "Yes." Lymphical said. "It says here, 'choose the wrong key and you trigger the trap. The trap is a dangerous thing. You would not like to trigger the trap.'

         "Oh no!" Franklin cried. "Then how do we know which is the correct one?"

         "Don't worry, Lymphical will figure it out." I said to Franklin.

         "Hmmm... this is a bit unclear: 'The wrong keys are the ones beneath the wing of domantbility, and they lead to disaster.'" Lymphical continued.

         "Wing of domantbility?! What is that?" Franklin asked.

         "Well, domant means strong.... that means it's the right wing!" I concluded.

         "Look! There's 5 wings drawn here on the floor!" Franklin exclaimed. "So, the keys below the right wing are wrong! Whoo-hoo! Two keys down already!"

        "Don't be too excited. This is a bit hard. 'Birds of the sky, birds of the ground, thier feathers will give you a wound.'" Lymphical frowned.

        "Hmm.... birds..." I soliloquized.

        Suddenly Lymphical got that part of the riddle. "That must mean that the feathers of birds will also trip the trap!"

        "Nice one, uncle!" Franklin gave him a thumbs up. "But which ones are the feathers of birds?"

        "I recognize these 3 feathers as feathers of birds!" I declared.

        "Good. Now, that just leaves 2 keys left...." Lymphical said.

        "I have good news and bad news, guys." Franklin said.

        "What's the good news?" I asked.

        "Well, it's that we're down to 2 keys." Franklin said.

       I raised my eyebrows. "Then what's the bad news?"

       "There is only one line of clue left." He replied.

       "It says here, 'Only godly powers of the heaven will help you unlock the door and save the princess.'" Lymphical said.

       "What does that mean?" Franklin asked. "Does that mean it's the key with the carving of a god on it?"

       I examined the 2 keys more carefully. One was old and dusty, obviously very ancient. It had the carving of a god upon it. The other key was shiny silver, as if from a king's storage of keys. But thier heads looked strange. I looked back at the lock. The key hole was a shape of....

         "Look! The angel's hole! That's it!" I exclaimed. "By godly powers, it meant the angel! The key IS on the lock!"

          Franklin suddenly understood also. He ran forward, grabbed the "key hole" and pulled it apart from the angel statue. It worked. Franklin looked with awe at the wonderfully carved key, white as the snow and pure as the angel itself. Instantly, he inserted the key into the real hole.

        With a click, the big stone door creaked open. Angelina was sitting in a bed, looking suprised. Looking at us, she smiled.

        "Yippee! I am finally freed!" Angelina cheered. "Thank you so much, Lymphical! You are my hero!" She then leaned in and kissed Lymphical on the cheeks. Lymphical flushed bright red. Franklin frowned.

          "Hey! I was the one who opened the door!" Franklin cried. "I should get an award too!" Angelina eyed me. I shook my head, laughing.

       Lymphical smiles proudly, facing Franklin. "Isn't this great! Another person saved!"

Franklin had a bored expression on his face, but I knew inside he was actually extremely jealous of Lymphical.

          "Let's go!" He motioned toward the portal beside the impassable walls of the castle.

          "No hurries." I laughed, walking into the portal.

         Just then, hundreds of soldiers, armed with ultra-blast guns, surround us. Lethargic's voice filled the area, although I don't see a trace of him. "Give up. You are way outnumbered."

       Laughing, I say: "Oh really? I think YOU are outnumbered, not us!" With a wave of my hand, millions of elite soldiers jump into the portal. "These soldiers will kill you in no time at all!"

      Lethargic seemed taken-back. Hesitantly, he comes out from behind one of the carvings. Waving his hand, which held a crystal, he nodded to his soldiers. "You win this time, but I will come back!"

      I stared wide-eyed at the crystal for a moment. Then I started speaking: "Humph! There is going to be no coming back for you!" Saying this, I stepped on a button I put about a month ago (or rather, wrote in a month ago), activating booby traps behind Lethargic. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know about them at all. Poor him. His body was launched high into the air from the explosion, shredded by a razor above. The crystal landed on the floor safely. Lethargic's soldiers fought back to the elite soldiers with all their strength, but they were killed easily as I thanked Ino T. Ally silently for helping me getting rid of the final problem.

         "Time to destroy the crystal." I said. "Now is the time. I don't want life to be controlled. I want to keep it original, like the magical areas. You never might know when it helps. We didn't do it before this because I wanted to see if we could lure Professor Lethargic to this trap. Luckily, we got to kill him first!" I nodded to Angelina, and she backed away, letting me summon the words needed.

        "Punching the crystal with his super strength, he broke the crystal into shreds, its magic flying away, into the air." Sweating, I gasp for air. A few minutes after, I finally calm down. "That required a huge amount of energy, but it was worth it."

         "Now what?" Lymphical asks. "What do we do now?"

         "I am too tired to write this story on. I shall go to a beach and rest. I give my writing powers to you, Angelina." I declared.

     "Your choice, not ours!" Franklin shrugged. Angelina's head bobbled up and down, and I poofed out of the air, leaving Angelina, Franklin and Lymphical to pilot the helicopter and fly home. 


      Lymphical lounges at a table, laughing joyously.

       "Oh, yes, I know! How crazy the adventure was!" He said.

      "We deserve rest!" Franklin said.

        "Yes! Let's toast!" Lymphical said, reaching for his bottle of wine.

        "Oh, no thanks, I don't drink alcohol. Besides, it's very harmful, just as smoking."I, now Angelina said, declining his offer.

      "Ok then, how about a sausage?" Lymphical asks.

      We all raised our hands.

        Lymphical signed. "Too bad the fire isn't here to enjoy the food."

        "Don't be too sad." Franklin reassured him. "The dead can't come back alive!"

           "Actually, some can." I said.

           "Oh? Can the fire?" Lymphical asked curiously.

       "No. I  know that someone has nine lives, and can come back alive nine times!" I said.

       Lymphical shrugged. "Many things can happen in this strange world. that's one of them." Suddenly, the door crashed onto the floor and a shadowy figure entered the room.

      "I have the one who nine lives." she said, grinning. "Nice to meet you again, Lymphical, Franklin. It was a long way here."

     We gasped as she sauntered over and lounged into a chair, panting and waving weakly.

    "Who are you?" asked Lymphical curiously at the strangely burnt face covered with dark shadows and scars.

      "Yikes! It can't be!" I exclaimed. "It's Lacy!" 

       "Yes, it is me." Lacy said. "And I see that you are saved. Congradulations."

 ***********************END OF PART TWO***********************


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