Lucy waited a moment longer, but unable to resist she finally snatched the bag of potato chips from the little boy's hands.

Just then, a woman stormed in front of Lucy, an angry frown twisting onto the woman's mouth.

"How dare you steal that from my son! Return those chips at once, young lady!" the woman demanded accusingly, pointing to Lucy, who merely shrugged.

"Get out of my way, you silly woman." Lucy said rudely. When the woman didn't budge, Lucy finally took action.

Lucy pushed the woman to the ground and plunged a fist at her face. Lucy dug her dirty fingernails into the woman's face, causing scratches to appear her. Blood was pouring into the woman's face by the time Lucy was done with the poor woman. And finally, with one final blow, the woman was down.

Lucy laughed wickedly, while the woman's breathing ceased. Lucy had realized what she had done, and she was especially proud of it. But as the boy was her only spectator, Lucy wasn't finished yet. She slammed a flurry of kicks and punches into the boy's stomach, and to her surprise, he easily fell over, his breathing stopping abruptly.

Laughing wickedly, Lucy strolled out of the store she was in, darkness falling quickly above her.

The boy stirred for a moment, then opened his eyes slowly and grinned, in a way one would actually be scared.


"Lacy?" Lymphical asked hesitantly

"Wait a second here, I need to rest. I am tired from walking such a distance." Lacy said.

"How in the world did you get nine lives?" asked Lymphical curiously.

"Oh, it was nothing." Lacy said, in a way that sounded like the entire opposite of "nothing".

"Come on, Lacy! You can tell me!" Lymphical pleaded Lacy, "I need to know! Please, Lacy!"

"Ok, so.....Well.... you know, I have a sister?" Lacy changed the subject abruptly. (Although her nine lives might have something to do with her sister, it doesn't. Don't tell Lymphical.)

"You never told me you had a sister!" Lymphical felt betrayed. Lacy hadn't even told him about something as important as her own sister!

"Of course, Lacy keeps most things secret until the end." I explain to Lymphical.

"Her name is Lucy. And I think she's back." Lacy said mysteriously, her eyes entirely fogging over.

"What? Who is she? What do you mean?" Lymphical asked, losing his polite (Yes, and for more information please read over chapter one) manner into a frantic questioning one.

"I can't tell you. But I know she's here again, because of this." and with that, Lacy reluctantly handed Lymphical a newspaper.

Lymphical peered into the newspaper, gasping in amazement. On the front page was a photo of a girl similar to Lacy, a smirk plastered onto her face. The article had the words:

Malicious girl murders innocent mother and is last seen snooping the nearby school, bullying and stealing from young children. Thomas Robert, a 7-year-old witness who saw this girl with his own eyes said, crying: "The girl killed my mom. She is a monster! Not even, after that, she stole a bag of chips from me, she punched and kicked me! I fought, but I failed." There was a photo of a young boy, bloody all over, with his mom, dead on the clear ground. Finally at the end of the entire article, were the words: Interviewer Mark Khopps tells us this murderer just looks slightly like 21-year-old Lacy Paumer, who is a mysterious but normal woman and would never be exposed in the light of such a crime. But even Lacy admits herself, this young girl is no other than: Lucy Paumer, her twin sister. Where is she? If you know anything important, please contact 555-Criminal-control

Franklin grew wide-eyed. "What should we do now? What is Lucy trying to do?"

"I think, that she works for the devil." I said calmly.

All eyes turned toward me. "Who is the devil?" Lacy asks.

"Why, he is the only person who can melt, break, and kill anything in his way. I am only a character who has magic and knows everyone's weakness, and knows every secret passage, trap, cliff.... I cannot beat him. But, I know someone who can." I whispered, my voice growing low.

"Who?" Franklin's eyes glowed with excitement.

"That is the king of Portucula Land! His name is King Phil." I said, looking around.

"Who is he?" Lacy cried. 

"He has many soldiers. With them to distract Lucy, we can take her down easily." I explained.

"You couldn't possibly persuade the king to give us soldiers. Besides, Lucy might over-turn them!"

"Really? Then you haven't seen the king yet. Well, it's time for a visit! Pack up your things, and we'll go!" I stood up, walking to the opened door.

"No!" Lacy yelled, stopping me. "She might be in our way or something!"

"Let's take secret passage 24." I said. "It was right here all along, professor Lymphical. Along with your long lost invention: the Time Machine. We may have to use it later. C'mon!" I said, pulling a lever on the wall, making a hole appear. "Be careful, the ladder is a bit slippery."


  "Yes?" King Phil asked, "What is it this time?" Lymphical and Lacy bowed deeply, while I merely stared at them.

          "Your Majesty, the malicious girl on the newspaper, Lucy, is attacking many citizens." Lymphical began.

          "I'll capture her in no time at all! Don't worry too much." King Phil bragged, but while Lymphical looked pleased, Lacy was wearing a very shocked expression.

           "She has hypnotizing powers, King Phil! Lucy doesn't want anybody to know, but she can hypnotize all your soldiers to do her bidding!" Lacy cried, shaking her head furiously.

          "Ah, that's easy! I'll buy anti-hypnotic glasses for everyone!" King Phil started to laugh like crazy, pounding his throne. Lacy's mouth was hanging open, but she seemed as amazed as ever. Lymphical was beaming, while I heaved a sigh and stared at the big king, who, from what I know, was no smarter than a zebra or an elephant.

            "Lucy is very powerful, your Majesty! She can power over your anti-hypnotic glasses!" Lacy argued.

           "I don't believe that! My earth benders will shoot rocks and bury her! My air benders will stir up hurricanes to attack her!"

            "No! You don't understand! Those are no match against Lucy and her army of minions and comrades, who will all overpower and hypnotize and force everyone on Portucula Land to become slaves to Lucy!" Lymphical fought back, "I only came here for one reason." I peered at him carefully, glad he had finally found a correct solution to our problem(s).

          "I need to find the portal to Ino T. Ally! He can help us!" Lacy and Lymphical yelled simultaneously, "And we need your soldiers and money to help!"

         The king, greedy and confused as he was, only frowned deeply and said, "That's strange. Can't you use them to stop Lucy? Besides, I don't even have enough money to buy a paper clip! (Which is true, a paper clip costs about 500 billion dollars in my world) I am ruined! You should go find your own helpers and minions! Why do I care about some hypnotizing Lucy and her crew?"

          "Never mind," Lymphical groaned, "I was only trying to help your land from being terrorized by Lucy and her crew. But why do I care? This isn't my land! I can go somewhere else!"

         "Actually, that isn't true," I finally spoke up, clearing my throat.

        "What do you mean? It's only a matter of time before Lucy takes over Portucula Land! Everyone will have to go somewhere else if King Phil doesn't help us!"

          "But there is nowhere else!" I shouted back. "Portucula land is the only planet trailing over the glass box. All the other planets are inside the glass box, while we are outside of the glass box."

          "I'm very puzzled!" King Phil stared at me as if I had just grown four heads. "What is the glass box?"

           "The glass box is an invisible vortex force shield all around the other planets! No one in history has ever broken the Glass Box. Unless we can, somehow, but it is impossible!"

           "Okay, you can have my money!" King Phil exclaimed, "I don't want to be robbed and terrorized! So go away and stop terrifying me!" and with that, the guards pushed us away, handing over some golden coins and pulling us into a velvet carriage, where four men carried us into the carriage and held us up. Since night was falling, I knelt down into the satin cushions and fell asleep.


         "Um, where are we?" Lacy asked loudly, waking me up. I rubbed my eyes and yawned heavily. Lymphical gazed out the window, where the guards were still carrying us into the middle of nowhere. I leaned out of the window and called to them, "Stop, guys! Where are we going?" three guards ignored us, but the other one chuckled to himself and carefully stopped the carriage.

       "I thought you knew already! We're going to the international Spaceship convention, so you can go to outer space and locate another planet!" he answered us. And with that, the carriage started moving again, at a quick, speedy pace.

           "What?!" I gasped, "We never wanted to go there!"

          "Hey, turn back! We need to go back to King Phil!" Lacy shouted over the trot of the guards.

           "No way! If you go back, the way will be five hundred coins and besides, we didn't come all the way here for nothing!"

           "Oh no!" Lymphical scratched his head, "I only have two copper coins and a lot of food and water!"

            "I know a place we can go to," I told them, because I had to get my guys out of this situation.

             "Oh? Where is it?" The guards continued bundling on, ignoring me, but Lacy and Lymphical gasped in awe.

              "It's a place named Pokey planet. A spaceship can easily take us there. Our lives are saved!" I suddenly remembered a planet I had known a long time ago, but since I forgot the name of that planet, I just called it Pokey planet because of a creature there.

          "Really?" They turned to me, their eyes glimmering with hope.

           "Yes, come on!" I replied. And that was because the carriage had stopped, and we were staring out the window into a shiny new spaceship shuttle.


            "I am totally not sure about this!" Lymphical told me, eyeing the endless space outside the tiny window.

             "Why didn't you tell us about this 'Pokey planet' sooner?" Lacy questioned suspiciously, changing the topic.

           "Oh, never mind." I answered her truthfully, my insides twisting.

           "Hey, let's go eat some chocolate-chip cookies!"

        "Yes!" Lacy agreed, but we soon realized there were no chocolate-chip cookies inside the space shuttle. However, a strange man stroking a long, snowy white beard struts into our room.

         "Hee hee! I was only tricking you, fools!" he giggled. Just then, a small hatch opened beneath us, just enough to allow us disappearing into space.

           "The king decided he doesn't believe you!" the old man chuckled, shutting the hatches quickly and trotting away.

         "At least we're wearing spacesuits." Lacy said optimistically.

          "Look, that's Pokey planet!" I grinned, pointing to an enormous planet beneath us.

          "What?!" Lymphical gasped, "That tiny ball blue and green is Pokey planet?" Lacy was surprised too, but she didn't show her confusion. Just then, a light breeze whisked us higher over the planet. I grasped her spacesuit, pushed a blue button, and a parachute puffed out, us slowly floating downwards

          "I designed these spacesuits. Thank goodness!" I laughed.

         After what felt like hours, the tip of a tall mansion was below us. As I looked at the dirt ground, I felt a twisted jolt inside me and suddenly remembered the name of this planet, feeling angry at myself.

         "This planet is Earth!" I shouted, "Not Pokey planet!"

          "What?! Angelina, seriously?" Lacy gasped.

        "Oh wait... Pokey planet is Earth! I just nicknamed Earth to Pokey planet." I said, trying to act calm. "At least I still have $3.50 of Earth money, right?" They glared at me angrily.

        I looked down, landing softly into the grass. The spacesuit melted off as soon as I was safe, but not Lacy and Lymphical's feelings. I suddenly felt ashamed.


         "Time for dinner, Lady Amber." said the maid nervously.

        "I don't want to eat dinner!" shrieked the spoiled child. "I'm not hungry, so go away!" The maid slowly backed away

        "Wahl!" Amber threw a tasseled pillow at the door.          

        "Fine, you get your way. But remember, we're going to hire a new caretaker soon to take care of you!" the maid knew Amber's household had always tried to get ahold of a caretaker for Amber, but all of the caretakers had disappeared, rumored to be so afraid of Amber that they suicide, or maybe even ran away from the house. The maid shook her fist at Amber and hurried away.


        "Aha!" I exclaimed triumphantly. "We can become one of Amber's caretakers!" I suddenly remembered I was balancing on Lymphical and Lacy. Lymphical wobbled beneath me, and Lacy had a hard time holding us two up.

         "Oops!" I giggled, and Lacy knelt down onto the ground, heaving a sigh. Lymphical collapsed onto the ground, his hair flying wildly everywhere.

         "I liked the original author much more. He never let us do the hard work!" Lymphical complained.

        "We need money to get the supplies to build a spaceship. How about being a caretaker?" I asked.

         "Well, I think that--" but before Lymphical could answer, the front door of the grand mansion opened and an annoyed young man dressed in a fancy suit came out.

          "Who are you? What are you here for?" He demanded.

          "Oh, we're... the, uh... new caretakers." Lacy said uncertainly.

         "Really?" the man eyed us suspiciously. "Hmm... Susie never mentioned a new caretaker, but I suppose Amber does need some caring to do. After all, I am going on an important business trip and Susie is going on vacation. So, welcome, new caretakers."

            "Oh, wow! Thanks, Mister!" I said happily, strutting into the big mansion. Lacy and Lymphical followed as if spell bounded, their eyes widening to the size of elephant trunks.

            "Okay, Susie. Here are the new caretakers. I'm going on a business trip to Florida in two hours, so you can show them their rooms." the man told his wife, who obviously believed that her husband had hired the caretakers.

             "You will teach Amber math, social studies, science, and writing." Susie pointed to Lymphical, who was exploding with happiness and gratefulness, handing him a schedule.

          "You will teach Amber stitchery, pottery, and play with her." Amber's father motioned for Lacy, who was grinning from ear-to-ear, handing her another schedule.

          "And you will take care of Amber during the early morning, late afternoon, and make sure she is happy at all times." the father and mother said simultaneously, pressing a long list of stuff to do into my hand. This was barely anything at all!

         The maid addressed for us to follow her, and I did as she told me to. Lacy and Lymphical followed me, showing no hesitation at all.





  I yawned, stretched myself forward, and pulled off the fluffy quilt on top of me. Lacy was on a bed beside me, and Lymphical was lolling on the side of his bed, his hair thrown wildly all over his face.

         A maid peeked into our doorway, and seeing I was awake, she walked quickly into our room and led me to Amber's room.

          "Amber!" the maid snapped, pointing to a seven-year-old girl inside the room. "This is your new caretaker." Then, before you could say "Uh-oh" the maid was nowhere in sight, and I was alone with the girl.

            "Hello, Amber." I smiled brightly. Amber gave me a killing glare, her hands punctuated into fists.

         "Why don't we play a game?" I said politely.

          "No!!! I don't want to play a game!" she screamed.

         "Um, what do you want to do, then?" I asked her, deciding to throw away my schedule since everything on it would anger her.

          "Humph!" Amber sneered. "I want a pie, a cupcake, my dolly, my stuffed bear, my money, everything!!!" That little girl sure had a big pair of lungs. I began searching her toy box for something to do.

           "Ooh, how about this?" I held up a brand-new doll, but Amber only shook her head, snatching the doll from my fingers.

           "Um..." I stared at Amber as she took out a match from her bedside cabinet and lit flame to the poor doll, which instantly was burned to a crisp. I felt like she was much more than 7 years old. Amber laughed wickedly, and I tried to be grateful I wasn't with Lucy at least. But then, she reached out and her burning flame pierced into my skin. I let out an outraged howl, but quickly shushed myself.

          "I made you! You shouldn't be so ungrateful!" I said. She stared at me, puzzled. Finally, she goes back to normal and starts screaming again. Sighing, I started reading a book from the shelf. Sally picked a few blueberries, and..." As I read, Amber began thrashing her arms around, taking the book from my hands and ripping each page into tiny bits. Then, she scribbled green marker all over the book, throwing the book at me like a weapon. I cowered under the book, but she punched me in the face, kicking her legs around like crazy. Finally, I gave in. I really wanted to kill her, but Amber's parents would never allow it.

            "Okay." I said firmly. "But Lacy is going to teach you after a few minutes. You have to be really nice to her, okay?"

            "No way!!" Amber shrieked, scratching my arm like a pussy cat. I sighed, glancing at my watch. Only five minutes left! I danced around with joy, but Amber ended my joy by dragging me into a closet like a rag doll and locking me inside. I banged against the closet door with enormous force, but nothing happened. I groaned, wondering if I should resign from this job, then threw away the idea. Where else was I going to get a job, anyway? Ugh, I just couldn't find the secret lever on the wall my brother had told me was there.

          "Amber, look! This word means 'cat'! Ouch, don't punch me!" I could hear Lacy being forced to be nice to the evil brat, but after a while she raced back into her room, screaming.

          I drowsily sunk into a deep sleep inside the crowded closet, tears streaming down my face.




      Suddenly, a scream woke myself up. Instinctively, I lean on the door with all my might, and it finally crashed down. Lymphical and Lacy were shuddering in a corner, being loomed by a great humongous figure.

       "Give up, Lymphical and Lacy. You will never defeat me." The figure said. The figure sounded oddly familiar. Slowly, it turned around. Facing me was a hooded black person. "Ah, you figured a way out. You still won't be able to escape me!" the person's voice and movements made me go cold all over. Just then. the figure stripped off its cloak, revealing the person underneath.

      The person was even more stunning than Lacy. She had crazy eyes, with a color, the mixture of azure, tortoise, peacock, and cerulean. Yes, I call it aztorpealean. Her light blond hair sloped all the way down her shoulders, to her hips. Her arms were slender, her lips were a blossoming red. Wearing a flower dress, her bare skinny legs seemed to pop out. Gaping, I seemed unable to leave my eyes from her. She was literally a nymph, the most pretty person I had ever seen.

         "How.... how did you get here?" I stuttered.

         "My master sent me." she said. "I am here to revenge...your evil brother turned my own sister against me!" I did not argue. Her voice was so luring, beautiful, and so wonderful. PIZZZAAZZZ......

         "Don't listen to her! She's trying to hypnotize you! Don't look at her either!" Lacy suddenly shouted, shuddering myself awake. But it was too late. I could not stop staring at her hazel eyes, which were looking deep into me. "That's right." She said. "Go.... and destroy Lymphical!" I automatically walked forward like a robot, slow and steady, to complete my mission. Just then, a thought jolted me awake. A writer's instinct. No writer ever kills off the main character, unless the story is supposed to be sad. This was not one of those stories.

         Stomping my feet in anger, I then remembered Amber. "Where have you put the little girl? Have you hypnotized her too?"

         "No, although I wished I could have. I KILLED HER. Common sense and strong thoughts can take over me. It seems your friends and you have those." She said, examining me from top to bottom.

         "He isn't going to help you now, is he? No one can." She laughed victoriously.

          "No, but I can do as much as he can!" I sputtered, "I am given the power to do anything logical now! I could have Lymphical throwing you out of the window this instant!"

           "Too bad, you can't. Lymphical barely stopped me from bending Franklin under my power." Lucy said coldly.

           "My brother will stop you! Just wait!" Saying this, I close my eyes and concentrate on trying to telepath my brother. That was how he knew the first time. (You know, the kidnap) It was much easier, as we were in the same exact world. Goodwin, I am in trouble! Lucy, Lacy's sister, is here! Stop her as soon as possible!

             Meanwhile, Lucy was studying me closely. Puzzled, she poked me in the hips. "Ouch! That hurt! Stop it!" I screamed. Lucy smiled. "There's no one to stop me right now. Goodwin is relaxing at a beach."

         "How do you know that?" Lymphical asked, still sitting in the corner, closing his eyes to avoid contact.

         "Why, it is in my memory!" Lucy blurted out. "My master told me it."

        We gasped. "It must have been Professor Lethargic before he died. He gave Lucy this gadget that told her all the instructions." I muttered to myself.

         "Alright, your master is dead. So, what was his reward?" I questioned.

         "Reward? Who said there was any reward? There is none. I just work for her!" Lucy exclaimed.

         "HER???!!!" The others exclaimed. (notice: I am the writer, so I shouldn't be surprised, right?)

        "What made you this monster? You were nice, kind. Why have you turned against us?" Lacy demanded.

          Lucy seemed surprised. "Humph! You will see. I will turn the whole world against you! When I hypnotize enough people, I will be able to stop you!" She them stomped over to Lymphical, and held him by his neck collar. The motion was so fast, it went by in a flash. Nobody stopped her.

          "Anybody make a sudden move, and I will kill him!" Lucy growled. I put my hands up, nodding to Lacy and Franklin to do the same.

          "Wait.... how are you supposed to kill him? With your bare hands?" Franklin suddenly asked.

          I laughed. "I nearly forgot! You aren't half as good at hand-combat as I am. My brother taught me how to fight about a month ago. Looks like it finally got some use here." Saying this, I punched Lucy in the chin, sending her bumping against the wall, releasing Lymphical. Lucy seemed dazed, groaning loudly and opening her eyes once again.

          "I WILL HYPNOTIZE ALL OF YOU." She glared angrily at us.

              Luckily, I now have super writing powers that allow me to do anything possible. Anything logical, at least. So, for now, I'm going to redirect the scene.


           Goodwin was sitting on a beach bench when Jack Mayoner finally came out of his Office. "WHAT do YOU think YOU are doing HERE?" Jack asked.

           "Hey, remind me again-- Which character are you? Oh yeah, the singer." My brother said, not looking up to Jack.

            "Listen up. This is MY beach and I do NOT want YOU to be HERE." Jack commanded.

            "YOU listen up. I made you, as I am the author of this story. So, logically, I can stay here, and you cannot stop me." Goodwin explained to Jack.

            Jack did a facepalm, then whispered to Goodwin: "I do not belong here. Someone blacked me out while I was eating chocolate..... and I was here instead!"

            "Nice story, bro, but you gotta hurry and do your role in this story or I'm gonna erase you." My brother threatened.

              "Alright, I'll tell you who I really am. My name is Racheal Simon." Supposedly "Racheal" said.

              "Never heard of that writer before." Goodwin waved his arms.

              "My pen name is Psuedonymous Bosch." Mr. Simon, or PB said through clenched teeth.

              "OH!!! That writer. I know you. I like your style. It's like 'Then he hissssssssssssed.' Yeah, that onomanapia was awesome!"

              "You mean, onomonopia. And you call yourself a writer....." Mr. Simon rolled his eyes.

                 Ignoring PB, my brother continued: "Can I have your autograph?"

              Mr Simon seemed to mull over that for a while, then said: "If you get rid of those evil kidnappers.... then you can have my autograph."

             Suddenly, Goodwin recieved my telekinesis message. "That autograph would have to wait. My sister is in danger." He said.

            "Alright. I'll be waiting here!" PB shouted. "But I warned you, there's going to be more kidnapping going on!"


          Franklin's face is purple. He resisted the hypnotizing eyes of Lucy alright, but he couldn't possibly resist breathing.... could he? Lymphical looked very worried, and so he whispered something in Franklin's ears, and Franklin nodded, grinning.

           "Hey, Lucy, I don't think you could hypnotize me with only your voice, could you?" Franklin asked, raising his eyebrows.

            Lucy frowned. Or rather, scowled. "Of course I could. Just listen carefully." Saying this, she closed her eyes and Franklin, and Lymphical exchanged looks with Franklin. Lymphical went down stairs, and arrived soon with a bucket full of water. Very carefully, he sneaked in the room and got us inside too. He put the bucket just right on the door.

            "Hey! Are you listening?" Lucy finally opened one eye to make sure. "Hey! Where are you?" And I snickered. "We're hiding in this room."

            Lucy angrily smashed the door open, leaving the bucket flying down onto her head, water splashing all over her shirt. "Gah!" She said. "I'm wet!" But then she put the bucket down and faced us angrily. "Who did this?" She asked.

            Lacy mouthed: "It didn't work!" And I mouthed back: "Yes it did!" After moments of awkward silence, Lacy bravely stepped forward. "We did a funny prank on you."

            "Yeah, I know, but who did this?" Lucy asked, still crossing her arms.

           "He did." Lacy pointed at Franklin. Flames rose in Lucy's eyes, and she grabbed him by the shirt collar. Poor Franklin dangled in the air, hands raising, shuddering. Lucy then put Franklin down. "That was just a warning. Next time you prank me, you don't want to know what will happen to you. C'mon, let's go sister."

            The last sentence relieved everyone. We knew that clear water cleared her mind, at least for the moment. Lucy then realized that we were there. "Who are these others? Your friends?" Lacy fidgeted a little, and then said: "Yeah?" Lucy shook her head. "They're crazy." She whispered in Lacy's ear. Growing angry, I growled at Lucy. "I made you up. You shouldn't be so ungrateful." Hearing this, Lucy got confuzzled. "You made me??? What makes you say that?"

            "Listen up. This is the author's sister you're talking to. Am I right, Franklin? Franklin? Oh no, he disappeared...." Lymphical said worriedly. It was true. Franklin was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, a cackle filled the house up. "Weeee HavE YoUURRR FrieeeEnD TrraaaaPed HEre, in the AATTiiiccc of the HHoouUseE! Come & GeT HimmM, If yoU DarEeeee!!!!" I nodded to them, and they stopped arguing. I mean, who wouldn't help their friends, even if they pranked you?

           By the time we got to the attic, our legs grew incredibly tired. There stood a one-eyed witch, with uneven teeth and a hunched back, holding a knife against Franklin's neck. I stepped forward, but the witch drove the knife toward Franklin's neck even more. Clenching my teeth, I made the window break apart, sending shatters of glasses toward the witch. The witch seemed to know this, because she muttered something and time seemed to reverse, and the window goes back to normal.

           She spoke. "If this cannot make you retreat, maybe this can." Stepping backwards, the wall suddenly appeared with an image. There were three girls, standing in front of a door. Inside the door, sat famous writers I recognized. "Oh no." I said.

           "What do you want?" Lymphical demanded. The witch gave an evil grin, laughed an evil laugh. "You see, from the beginning of time, all stories--nonfiction, fictional, poems--they all have happy endings, with the good guy winning. We? We don't like that plot. We want us, the bad guys, to win."



      As Sushie Heluma smirked and I went through my list of solutions, suddenly I remembered that I had telepathed my brother. He would definitely save the authors, who were trapped. So then I said: "You will never win! My brother will stop you!"

      The witch shook her head. "There is no way he will get here in time!"

      But she was wrong. My brother jumped in from the open window, narrowly avoiding the witch.

      "Aieee!" She yelled. "How did you get in here?"

       "I climbled." He said. I'm in charge now." He added. "Hand me over my position as author."

         "Alright." I said.


      "You are never going to win!" I yelled, appearing at the side of the witch. 

      "Um, you do realize you have a double threat here, right?" Lymphical raised his eyebrows.

      "Oh yeah, of course I do. And I'm gonna make that zero threats." Saying this, I kicked the knife out of the surprised witch's hand, and grabbed the pale-faced Franklin by his shoulders. Sushie, still smirking, laughed. 

      "You solved one problem.... But the other, you will never. Let us take over this world and your real world's writers will be safe." Sushie demanded. 

       "How did you manage to kidnap these people anyway?" I asked. Sushie laughed, once again. "There is no need to know." I thought about it. These are real, innocent people. Besides, you can always write another story. But then, I thought about it again.Unfotunately, my story has reached to this point.... Is giving up a whole story really worth all of these lives? 

          "How can you prove that these aren't just random people from MY story that I can write in again?" I questioned her. For a moment, she looked stunned, as if not ready to answer my question. But then, she snapped her fingers and the 3 girls--sisters--Held one of the writers--a woman--up.

         "Tell him what series you wrote." The leader of the sisters snapped. 

        Scowling, the woman spoke. "I am J. K. Rowling, if you must know. These evil kidnappers should be put in jail immediately, for kidnapping all of us! Please save us!" Gasping, I thought: Whoa. The person who wrote the Harry Potter series! 

         "Is it really worth it to get all these famous writers here just to end the 'happy ending' orthodox?" I asked once more. But Sushie was a stubborn person, I knew. I was just dilly-dallying around, trying to get more time to think. Sushie seemed to sense this, as she ignored me, nodding to the sisters, who were sharpening their knives.

          "Help us!" J. K. Rowling emphasized. "Or put in the part where some hero rescues us!" Hmmm...... Then a light bulb went Ding!  On top of my head. 

         "Get into there and show them your latest electrical invention." I spoke to Lymphical. I have concentrated so much on Lacy, Lucy, Franklin, and Angelina; I have narrowly forgotten the bright inventor--the main character!! Lymphical seemed confused, but he still followed my order, storming into the 'image' on the wall and holding his hand in front of his pocket. He was so fast, Sushie could not stop him, and the sisters were surprised too.

ZAP! ZAP! Went two of the sisters. But the third was ready...

  For she was standing there, holding J. K. Rowling by the neck. "Get any closer, and I will kill this person." She snarled. Unfortunately for us, Lymphical did not know any kung Fu or martial arts at all, so he backed away. Slowly, step by step, he exited the wall room.

       "Let us win or this writer will be killed." The sister said. Lucy nodded too, raising her hand toward us. "I will shoot you with my magic if you make any sudden movements" She warned. But I had a plan in my head. So many unnecessary characters, you might say, but I knew who I had to use. I winked to Lucy.

       Lucy turned on her massive hypnotizing powers onto Sushie Heluma, and instantly she was done. Putting down her hand, she was ready to follow any of Lucy's orders. The sister was shocked, but raising the poor writer in front of her as a shield and still managing to put the knife in front of her neck, she frowned.

      I had now turned on my brain as far as it could, thinking of multiple possible solutions. 

       Let's see.... how about "I stopped time and saved the famous writer J. K. Rowling, earning P.B.'s signature." No, too easy.

      Hmmm.... "Lymphical rushed forward, side stepping, zapped the evil sister just right in the hips, enough to Better, but not that good.

      Time was running out, and as I ran through the easy solutions and weird solutions, I shook my head no. "Come on, decide or I WILL kill her!" The sister was getting impatient. Suddenly, I had the perfect solution.

       Acting. That one word, yet so powerful, was the only thing in my mind as I stepped forward. "Alright, I will let you win. All you have to do is to sign this contract..." I said, reaching into my pockets, getting a piece of rough paper. I knew that the sister couldn't read, and I was very lucky to meet a villain like this. The rare kind of villains, the ones who weren't good at anything at all. 

        The villain was a bit confused, of course, but she still kept her coolness. "Gimme a pen!" She demanded. And I, shuffled in my other pocket, and got a pen. Snatching it, she squinted at the contract, as if really reading it. My hands shuddered, as if I was afraid. The villain was getting very annoyed, and got her other hand to steady it......

        And then my sister grabbed it instantly (as her martial arts had trained her to), and then she knocked the villain clear. I gave her a thumb up." Nice one, Angelina!!!" Lymphical just stared open-jawed, then finally said: "I can't believe you were kidnapped by a simple inventor." And Lacy, growing angry, bumped him in the arm, hard. Lymphical, red- faced, apologized to Lacy. Franklin cheered, while Lucy smiled, finally glad that she got her power in use.

        "So, how do we get back?" J. K. Rowling asked.

         "We can use the other Forbidden Portal." I declared.

        "There's more than one?" Lymphical looked surprised.


        I stood up, smiling at my master piece. It was finished, alright. I had spent 3 months writing it, editing it, and now, it is finally done. I can't believe I did it! I then emailed my publisher my request to make it an actual book, evaluating my story once again. My head was full of imagination. Think about the sequel! Think about the fans it will bring! It could make my house full of money, glorious, and even more!

         Suddenly, something startled my daydream. The doorbell rang. I wondered who it was. Was it the publisher, coming to tell me whether or not my story was published? Was it the interviewers, ready to ask me millions of questions? But, as I looked through my eye-hole, I frowned. It was neither. In fact, in was J. K. Rowling herself. 

         "What are you doing here?" I asked. Mrs. Rowling sighed. "I just wanted to thank you for you saving me from those terrible sisters." My head went down, as I was embarrassed from being impolite to one of the top New-York best-sellers.

         "I also wanted to tell you something VERY important." She said grimly. I grew nervous. What could it be? "Since I wanted to know more about you, I discovered you had many friends." I tensed. "And one of them disappeared. Into YOUR story." How is this relevant to the thing she wanted to tell me? I was thinking.

         "It's the magic. It's started to spread. First, only you could go into your story, but now.... “She didn't have to continue. I was eager to save one of my friends, whoever they were. "Who is it?" I demanded. "Please tell me, I have to go and save him or her?" I added, trying to be polite.

           J. K. Rowling bit her lip. She seemed unsure. "After we came back here, the Portal was protected by deadly monsters, am I right?" I nodded, and then started to argue: "I can control them!" Mrs. Rowling shook her head. "Remember, your story grows on naturally from now on, and there has to be another villain."

          "Just tell me which friend of mine got trapped in my story." I said impatiently.

           J. K. Rowling finally let the cat out of the bag. "Your friend draws very good comics, I can say. And this villain draws power from ink." My eyes grew very wide as I thought of her name. 

         My friend, I am coming for you!  Was the only thought in my head as I rushed back to my story. J. K. Rowling smiled. "Good luck!" She said.